Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A New Approach: Blogging My Own Family History

It's been ages since my last post.  "Real life" interceded and I've spent the past few years busy with work and life in a new part of the world (northern Colorado).  I intend to pick up again where I left off, however with a slightly different goal:  blogging my own family's history so that cousins near and far can learn much more of what I've gathered over the past several years. 

Several times now I've gotten requests from distant cousins for "any and all information" that I have on a branch of the family, and it is a tough request in which to respond.  I am happy to share what records I have, but often that's dozens of papers or files that without context don't really tell a story, and probably leave people a little bit confused or unsatisfied.  And I've come to peace with the knowledge that I will probably never have the time or energy to sit down and write a book on the various lines in the family. 

What I can do though, is occasionally pick a person, a family line, or a topic, and share what I find most interesting, along with the records and photos that help tell the stories.  In this way, I hope to share more efficiently and effectively all the cool stuff I've been learning with all my cousins out there. 

I hope to keep it interesting and fun, and as always welcome any of your questions, suggestions or comments.  Looking forward to getting back on track with this new focus, but also continuing to share resources and information I think might be universally helpful or entertaining.  I hope to not disappoint!

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